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Currently based in the beautiful Somerset but I absolutely love to travel around the entire UK if opportunity calls and soon I am expanding my reach to cover Europe as well.

I was an Anthropologist once upon a time and got sucked into visual storytelling after my Masters.​ 

Ever since UK became a home, I have been drawn towards the art of documenting stories of love through my lens.

From the nervous anticipation of getting ready, to the joyous celebration on the dance floor, I absolutely love preserving the essence of that special day in the most natural and unobtrusive manner.

My curiosity drives me to be more observant and seek visual narratives in every wedding or event and helps me document each unique story of love with the intimacy that it deserves.


From the tears of joy to the laughter shared between the loved ones; with a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling,

I believe in capturing genuine, unscripted moments that truly reflect the very essence of your beautiful day.


Specialising in English & Asian Weddings & Events.

I sincerely hope that I am just the right photographer you were searching for.



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