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How far can you travel ?

At the moment I majorly cover most of Somerset, Midlands, South Wales, London and I am slowly expanding my reach to Europe as well as the requests for destination weddings have now started pouring in. 

Is your business registered ?

Yes, my business is registered with HMRC in the name of

'Emotions in frame UK ltd'

Are you insured for Public liability ?

Yes, I am fully insured for public liability and can provide the certificate if the venue needs it.

How do you define your style of Photography ?

I love capturing moments as they unfurl naturally throughout the day. Over the years I have specialised in covering both English and Asian weddings and events. I can very well define my approach of capturing a wedding as a documentary style storytelling. I do of course make sure to capture the essential group shots and have quite a few lovely poses and cues up my sleeve to give my couple during the portrait session and I make sure to make it as enjoyable and organic as it could be.

What is your style of work during a wedding ?

I am a very easygoing person and it reflects in my pictures as well. I don't like to make people stand and pose for every moment. I almost always try to blend in the environment, the crowd and keep capturing the moments without being obtrusive. A client also referred me as a Ninja once (not kidding), hiding in plain site and documenting every damn special moment during the wedding.

How much time does the Pictures & Videos take to deliver ?

During the busiest time, for the pictures it can take up to 6-7 weeks to deliver the complete online album. Although, I try to deliver a preview album of some selected pictures (highlighting the day) within a week so that you can have a glimpse of your special day and share the pictures wherever you like.

In terms of videos, the Cinematic Highlight video can take up to 7-8 weeks and the delivery via usb might take one more week.

Awards, Recognition & Past Clients

National Geographic nominated for the daily dozen
Reward, Recognition & Past Client
Reward, Recognition & Past Client
Reward, Recognition & Past Client
Reward, Recognition & Past Client
Nikon-logo. Reward, Recognition & Past Client
site-logo. Reward, Recognition & Past Client
mercedes_logos Reward, Recognition & Past Client
Reward, Recognition & Past Client
The Indian Express
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