The Robinson Family Photo-shoot (11th February, 2018)

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

It was a lovely Sunday. The photo-shoot was finally happening after postponing it for some time due to the weather. When I arrived in their beautiful home, the two little ones, Henry and George (younger one) had just woken up and were still feeling a little drowsy. They were definitely not ready for a man with a camera pointing towards them. So, I chose to take it slow and let the family be at ease in my presence.

Andy and Sally began playing with their children, engaging them with the toys. I also joined in and played for a while, with my camera in one hand waiting for opportune moments. I realised in the process that even though the kids were getting along well now, they were still not ready to do any kind of poses if I asked them to. Thus, I had to drop the idea of capturing the family in certain pre-determined ways that I had in mind. Now was the test of my ability as a photographer. I had to make the best out of the moments when they were engaged in any kind of activity, either by themselves or with their parents. A special thanks to the children's Aunt Beth, who was quite a sport and always made sure that the children were engaged and enthused while I was pointing my camera at them.

In the end when I looked at the pictures, I felt quite satisfied. Sometimes you need to be flexible in letting go of all the ideas you had in your mind for a particular photo-shoot. I captured frames which were mostly unplanned. I captured some beautiful smiles which were not asked for. I captured some warm emotions which really belonged to those moments in time, that truly and completely were unique to this beautiful family.

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